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5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Hurting You

By Brad Miller

Features Editor

In this digital age, almost anyone with a smartphone has some sort of social media. However, while it’s popular is social media actually good for us? In many ways, it can benefit our lives but at the same time can affect it negatively in severe ways.

1. Social media can become addictive.

Social media can be incredibly addictive. The sensation of more followers and likes often can force people to do things they would not do normally. Having such an addiction can affect your job, communication, etc.

2. Communication in public becomes difficult.

Some people end up being too reliant upon social media so when they get in a conversation they can struggle communicating. Many in our generation have trouble speaking in front of a classroom. However the more you do it the better you become. If all of your conversations happen over the internet you can’t improve at speaking with people in person.

3. Social media takes a toll on your mental health

Many people who get sucked into social media end up getting depressed. When making a post about something you are passionate about to be met with less support than normal can affect people in a negative way. Also, people’s lives are not exactly what their photos entail. When you see all of your friends at fancy restaurants and hotels it could be easy to assume they are doing better than you. However, social media is often people posting their best moments, not their low points.

4. Affects your sleep schedule

How many times have you planned to go to bed only to scroll on social media for the next hour? For many young people, this is a daily activity which leads to worse health and less energy for the next day. There is data that supports that late-night surfing social media can cause stress, sleep disorders, and depression.

5. The need for instant gratification

When you have social media you can get addicted to that feeling of instant gratification. Posting something then have people repost, like, and retweet it can have a rush to it. However, that’s only when you’re getting attention. When your posts and account gets fewer traction people can end up being depressed. Now they’re let down because they aren’t getting the instant gratification that they were receiving.



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