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Review: One Thing At A Time

By Breana Crum

Staff Writer


“One Thing At A Time” is an album that Morgan Wallen recently released. I believe it has 36 songs, and most are excellent. I love country music and just recently started listening to Morgan Wallen, and I highly recommend listening to his music because it is incredible.

Warm Weather = Country Music

I picked this album because it has been the only thing I’ve listened to for the last week. The weather is getting cooler, and this album is perfect for that. It has a great mix of songs with different tempos and speeds.

My Top Picks:

1. Thought You Should Know

2. Ain’t That Some

3. Last Night


The album is 10/10!


When you listen to this album, it is best to sing along. These songs will automatically put you in a good mood; it does for me!



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