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SPACE program ready for launch at RU

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

By Danielle Castillo

Assistant Content Director

The Center for Student Life announced SPACE, a new program this semester, to be headed by Brian Petty, Scott Samuels and Dr. Klint Pleasant. The program is open to all RU students.

Pleasant said, “We felt it would be wise to open it up to all students since we feel having safe conversations is much needed right now.” He added, “With COVID restrictions being lifted, and with national tensions seeming to be at an all-time high, it seemed like a great time to kick it off.”

Though SPACE is not an acronym, the name holds a double meaning. Pleasant said that besides fitting in with the CSL’s other flagship program, RISE, the word space is also used in phrases like hold space or to provide space for conversation.

The idea has been brewing since 2020. Samuels and Pleasant wanted a space where students could come together for respectful conversation. The program aims to be a place where students can express opinions, have difficult conversations and experience different viewpoints without hating those they disagree with.

SPACE will take place in the CHILL at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays and snacks are provided. As SPACE is in its pilot year, it is ready to listen to your feedback. If students have any questions regarding this initiative please reach out to Klint Pleasant at



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