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------------------------------------------------------ vielklang Full Crack is a freely available music and sound software synthesizer. With vielklang you can easily generate 4 voice polyphonic synthesizers, automatically or with manual knobs. With vielklang you can create music for your loops and single voice samples. Best of all, vielklang is not just a harmonizer; it is packed with musical intelligence and music theory: it automatically detects the best fitting harmonies for each individual input melody, and automatically synthesizes up to four voices with the voices not merely running in parallel but with their voice pitches automatically selected to sound most natural (voice leading). Special features: --------------------------------------------------- - Automatic or manual 4-voice polyphony. - Built in singing synthesizer. - Vielklang supports midi plus. - Built in harmonic analyzer. - Harmonic analyzer, to analyze all notes in a music scale. - Built in theory analyzer, to analyze all chords in a music scale. - Built in metronome. - Ability to save each part, - MIDI to audio, - Customize harmony, -... vielklang editor Description: ------------------------------------------------------ vielklang editor is a window-based music editor for windows. It is not a real music editor like mpc123 (a real music editor) but more like a virtual songwriting and composing toolbox. - Use keyboard shortcuts and mouse to compose music, - Play notes and chords with mouse, - Add effects to each note, - Record each part using realtime or keypressing, - Export to WAV or MIDI file, - Export to mp3 and save as song file, - Export to avi and save as movie file, - Export MIDI events, - Export midi/sound files to the microsoft midi device vielklang editor - Chord line Description: ------------------------------------------------------ vielklang chords Line is a freeware melody line editor for windows. It allows you to edit music or song with only mouse or keyboard. It supports all modern windows, including Windows 98. Two normal type of line can be select: - 1 line of notes - 1 line of chords Select Mode: - Step Mode, for one chords - Duple Step Mode, for each chord - Triple Step Mode, for each chord - Group Mode a5204a7ec7

Athletikino 2 is a multi-tool of skills for the modern dance studio, developed by the dance company of Alfred Bauer. Athletikino 2 caters for all kinds of dance work, including classes, aural-motor, choreographic, intarsia, ballet and more. It is designed to capture, handle and process very large amounts of data, in a simple and intuitive way, thus opening up new possibilities for a new generation of creative and dynamic artists. Features Capture performances in its original form - high quality sound recordings (CD or 16-bit/44.1 kHz), combined with powerful editing features. Very large, regular, storage space (the recommended capacity per project is 1 GB). Maximum number of clips per project is unlimited. Create multi-track and multi-project environments Experience-driven navigation, view and management interface, based on touch In-depth functions, 1-click editing, built-in multi-track and multi-project workflow, advanced post-editing possibilities with VST plugins, standalone versions of all products, integration with industry-leading workflows such as Cubasis, Ableton Live and Logic Installation Requirements vielklang (.zip) Ableton Live 8.1 or later (vielklang and its plugins must be installed on the same computer) Use Athletikino 2 and vielklang The main purpose of Athletikino 2 is the creation of multi-track or multi-project recordings, also known as aural-motor. However Athletikino 2 is also a powerful tool for making multi-track recordings in the studio. You may also use Athletikino 2 for: Athletikino 2 is an editing and creative tool for creating musical masterpieces with aural-motor. The intuitive, easy to use application will help you become a better musician. With the award-winning technology, you will find a new way to build your music repertoire and to expand your creative potential. Main features Sound recording Ability to mix down high quality, multi-track sound recordings with various sound formats (16-bit/44.1 kHz) Music composition Ridiculous amount of included instruments. We consider to be more than enough. - The power to create aural-motor music compositions and to edit them

Vielklang Crack Activation Code Download [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

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