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About Us

SHIELD Magazine, RU’s student magazine, written, edited, designed and photographed by students, a student-produced website with fresh content, photos and stories about RU

SHIELDtv, student-produced videos geared to students and delivered via YouTube

Shield Talks, student-produced podcasts delivered via SoundCloud

Shield is written, designed and produced by students at Rochester University.The faculty in the Mass Communication Department train and oversee students in the preparation and production of these outlets.

Working in these areas offers students the opportunity to use their creative talents in producing content while at the same time gaining valuable media experience. Mass Comm majors are required to work for SHIELD, and students from other majors are welcome to participate. Scholarships are available to students who work as editors and managers.

Shield Media is the independent student media of Rochester University. As such, we are committed to engaging in thoughtful dialogue over issues relevant to our culture. Shield Media relates to our audience by providing them with bold stories that are intended to entertain, inform and stimulate.

Shield Media participates in Rochester University's faith-based mission, and believes that, as ethically minded journalists, we have a responsibility to engage each story with open-mindedness, compassion and nuance.

Along with Rochester University’s Department of Mass Communication, Shield  Media prepares young professionals for work in media-related fields by teaching and honing their skills in writing, reporting, graphic design, broadcasting, videography and photography.

Shield Media is a student and not a college publication. Views expressed are diverse, and of course, do not correspond to all views of RU's board, administration, faculty, staff, students or other constituency.

Our Mission

Our History

Started in 2000 to provide a voice for students at Rochester College, The Shield began as a monthly four-page newspaper. The original student staff consisted of seven students and one adviser. The Shield newspaper was published monthly and continued that way for several years with a growing number of staff members. 

As young people's reading habits changed and with a new track in graphic design, The Shield changed format to a four-color magazine in 2008, which was published four times a year. The Shield added an online site, social media, podcasts and videos, and rebranded as Shield Media in 2014. 

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020, Shield Media features a magazine, website, social media, podcasts and videos produced by a student staff of 24 students and two advisers. 





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