Our Staff

Produced by Rochester University students, Shield Media provides a voice about relevant university, local and societal issues. Shield Media expresses views of students and not the university. Editors receive scholarships for their work, and students can earn one hour of academic credit for the semester. 

Editorial Staff

Associate Editor: Taylor Isenberg

Associate Editor: Lily Cochenour

Creative Director: Tanner Behmlander 

Photography Manager: Jenna Pomaville

News & Opinions Editor: Christian Todd

Sports Editor: Christian Frazier

Features Editor: Chloe Bachman

Copy Editor: Gabrielle Eubanks 

Social Media Manager: Sydney Davis

Multimedia Manager: Daniel Higgins

Creative Assistant: Stephen Figueroa

Creative Assistant: Ciarra Ratliff

Additional Staff

Erica Doherty

Jillian Wanner

Matthew Willemot

Samuel Forthofer

Wallace Whitfield

Jake Feldman

Victoria Bryant 

Jennifer Martlock 

Tamera Robinson 

Damon Alexander 

Sydney Brackney 

Alexander Mason 

Dustin Foran 

Cecil Chatmon

Brad Miller 

Jose Marrero


Founder, Publisher & Online Adviser

Lora Hutson

Additional Staff 

Print & Multi-Media Adviser

Kayce McClure

All content for Shield Media is independently created and published by students at Rochester University.

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