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Our Staff



Lora Hutson

Dr. Carol Cooper

Darren McCullough 

Taylor Isenberg

Dylan Bole

Editorial Staff

Audio Team: Amelia Calkin

Audio Team: Alyxander X. LaBranche

Publication Team: Emily Carroll

Publication Team: Amanda Fraser

Social Media & Digital Team: Danielle Castillo

Social Media & Digital TeamChristian Corey

Social Media & Digital TeamOlivia Pannecouk

Social Media & Digital TeamEmma Saddler

Visual TeamGeorgii Reshotka 

Visual Team: Noah Peterson

Additional Staff

Nickolas Alayan 

Gabriella Barczys 

Jessica Baysdell

Logan Blankenship

Christian DeBruyn

Khalil Dent 

Olivia Duffy 

Rena Faranso 

Brooklynn Hathcock 

Isabela Placencia 

Josh Richardson 

James Saxinger

Hannah Traczynski 

Ali Warzecha 

About Us

Produced by Rochester Christian University students, Shield Media provides a voice about relevant university, local and societal issues. Shield Media expresses views of students and not the university. Editors receive scholarships for their work, and students can earn one hour of academic credit for the semester. 

Lora Hutson_.jpg
Taylor Isenberg
Dr. Carol Cooper
Darren McCullough
Dylan Bole

Editorial Staff Photos

Additional Staff Photos

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