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3 students from Greece enjoy life at RU

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

by Amanda Fraser

Staff Writer

Rochester University is known for opening its doors to international students, and this year, three students from Greece are studying at RU.

In 2020, Evangelos Antonopoulos, who is from Athens, Greece, joined RU on a basketball scholarship. Two more Greeks entered RU this year, and Antonopoulos is here to show them the ropes.

Antonopoulos, a junior business management major, said he has enjoyed his first two years at the university, and he was thrilled to hear that two more Greek students were coming to campus.

Dimitris Arsenikos, a freshman psychology major, is most excited about the new environment. and experiences he is encountering. Arsenikos said he is also enjoying playing basketball against new players and having a new coach train him.

Stavros Polatoglou, a sophomore digital marketing major, is also excited about playing basketball but is mainly focusing on finishing college and having a plan for the future.

Antonopoulos encourages Dimitris and Stavros to be grateful for the athletic program, the education RU offers, and he advises them to make the most out of the upcoming years.



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