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5 post-workout meals for college students

By Rena Faranso 

Staff Writer

Here are five foods that are rich in nutrients and taste great enough to fuel your body after a workout. These nutritious options will improve your performance in future exercises, accelerate your recovery and reduce discomfort in your muscles. 

1 Yogurt and Fruit 

The combination of fruit's carbohydrates for refilling glucose and yogurt's high quality protein, such as especially Greek yogurt, which supports muscle growth and repair, thus this makes yogurt and fruit the perfect post-workout snack.

Natural sugars in fruit provide a rapid energy boost, and it’s vitamins and minerals strengthen the immune system. Also, it can help with rehydration and, thanks to the bacteria in Greek yogurt, it supports intestinal health and effective nutrient absorption for total recovery after exercise.

2 Recovery smoothie 

After working out, a recovery smoothie is like drinking a superhero drink. It's loaded with healthy ingredients that support your body's recovery. The protein repairs your muscles while the fruits provide you with instant energy. It also assists in maintaining enough water through drinking. To top it off, you may customize the ingredients, making it a tasty and simple post-workout snack.

3 Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables & rice 

After a workout, a great go to meal is grilled chicken with roasted vegetables and rice. Lean protein sources like grilled chicken are essential for muscle growth and repair. The combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in the roasted veggies promotes healing and lowers inflammation. This dish, when served with rice supplies complex carbs to restore energy reserves used up during exercise. When combined, these ingredients make a well-balanced meal to satisfying hunger.

4 Salmon 

Salmon's protein helps your muscles recover so you can workout again soon. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that support heart health by reducing inflammation. In addition, some vitamins and minerals support healthy bones and the immune system.

5 Salad 

After working out, eating a salad is a healthy choice for your body. Salad is full of vegetables which provide essential minerals and vitamins to assist your body heal and maintain its health. Vegetable fiber also keeps you feeling full and helps with digestion. To enhance muscle recovery, include lean protein sources into your salad, such as grilled chicken or beans. Vegetables are hydrating and help replace fluids lost during exercise. So having a salad after working out is not only a great method to keep you feeling good but also a crunchy, refreshing approach to help your body heal.



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