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5 outdoor reality tv shows that inspire adventure

5 outdoor reality tv shows that inspire adventure

By Jake Feldman

News & Opinions Editor

It’s cold outside and the days are shorter, so it is a perfect time to watch a good reality television show. Plus since we live in Michigan, we also love spending time outdoors… Ironic, right?

This list explores five television shows that will keep your love of the outdoors burning through the winter months and give you tips and tools on how to enjoy the outdoors even more.


The ultimate social experience, “Survivor” features beautiful scenery and survival skills, such as fishing, making a fire, building a shelter, and above all, overcoming challenges. Castaways are sent to a beach where they must outwit, outlast and outplay all other castaways. They have reward challenges, immunity challenges, immunity idols and exile islands. If competitors can escape the vote at tribal council, they have a shot at being the sole survivor and taking home $1 million. “Survivor” is binge-worthy reality television.


How long can you last in the wild by yourself? “Alone” takes 10 survival experts and leaves them in the wilderness to fend for themselves to see who can outlast everyone else. They have no human interaction, limited supplies, and only their skills can lift them to victory. The winner takes home $500,000 and a lifetime of pride. Netflix streams the show and the scenery will make you want to test your own skills!

"Wicked Tuna”

“Wicked Tuna” explores the fascinating world of commercial fishing while offering a detailed and informational look at the industry while also providing the entertaining thrill of competition. The beautiful ocean scenery is an added bonus.


One man in the wilderness with only survival gear and a camera crew to film his exploits. Les Stroud, aka Survivorman, gives survival tips and tricks in the most adverse of situations. “Survivorman” has been chased by jaguars, fallen off cliffs, and endured starvation and heatstroke, yet he constantly looks to tackle the wild and remain undefeated.

“The Amazing Race”

In a race against the clock, teams of two compete in various challenges to finish first. This show displays the challenges of working together, fighting the enemy of time, and the drama of team versus team interactions. “The Amazing Race” will have you glued to your television challenge after challenge.

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