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5 Places to Find Toilet Paper During a Pandemic

By Samuel Forthofer

Shield Staff

In this crazy new world that 2020 has brought us, we have all been struggling in different ways. For most of us, it’s an emotional struggle caused by staying home more and seeing others less.

What everyone has figured out through these tough times is that necessities also may not be readily available and finding them can be a struggle in its own. Things went missing when the pandemic first hit Michigan in March that we probably never thought would be in such high demand. For example, baking supplies were one of the first things to go. Meat was an absolute rarity. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes were non-existent.

Oddly enough, one thing no one could have predicted would be impossible to find was toilet paper. Many people searched high and low and couldn’t find any when nature calls. So what do you do? You can’t just go without it?

As COVID-19 cases start to rise again and your stock of TP runs dry, here are the top five places to find toilet paper.

#5 Grocery Stores

This is, of course, your most basic option. If you’re having a hard time finding toilet paper but are dedicated enough, you can get lucky and find some at your grocery store. Asking employees typically won’t lead anywhere. If it’s not on the shelves, it’s not in the store. Your best chance here is to find out when the new trucks will bring in the supplies. Then be one of the first ones there to drive away with a few rolls of white clouds.

#4 Gas Stations

On occasion, you can get lucky and find a gas station that carries toilet paper. Most people don’t think to go inside and check. You might find a couple of packs sitting lonely on the shelf just waiting for someone to come and pick them up. I’ve seen toilet paper at 7/11 and Speedway.

#3 Dollar Store

Dollar stores are tricky. It seems like most people either love them or absolutely hate them. It’s a great place to go to find cheap decorations, very small scented candles, and food that may or may not have expired yet. All that aside, most of them have a brilliant selection of cleaning supplies. They have been known to carry Clorox Wipes and other disinfectant items that can be crucial for your health.They also have toilet paper!

#2 Office Supply Stores

Who would’ve thought this? The end of the world is upon us. Parents are barricading their children indoors. Adults are working from home. Supplies are scarce. And what is there to save you? Office supply stores! You’ll never believe it until you see it with your own eyes but almost all of your office supply stores sell toilet paper. It may not be the best stuff in the world, but it’ll do the job. Absolutely no one thinks to check there and many people were able to stay stocked even in the heart of quarantine, thanks to stores like Staples.

#1 Online

Shopping online is at an all-time high thanks to it now allowing you to buy just about whatever you want and have it dropped at your door within days. This means if you’ve checked all the options above and still can’t find any toilet paper, someone somewhere will deliver it to you by the end of the week. It’s about as close to a sure fire bet during a pandemic. You may have to pay a little extra or settle for a brand where the center is 10x bigger than your toilet paper holder but you gotta do what you gotta do.

If you are running low and the world is burning, keep in mind that the places you wouldn’t expect can carry the most precious goods.



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