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5 Sports podcasts you can listen to in the gym

By Michael Willams Jr.

Staff Writer

American sports have sprung back to life after a COVID pause with the NCAA basketball tournament, the tail-end of the NBA season, and opening day for Major League Baseball.

This list explores five sports podcasts that will keep you informed on all your favorite teams. You can also get close and personal with professional athletes, top high school recruits, and celebrities to see how they got to where they are now

“No Chill Podcast”

The “No Chill Podcast” is hosted by retired NBA all-star Gilbert Arenas who was known as “agent zero” during his NBA days for his shotmaking ability and his former jersey number. In his podcast, Arenas shares his experience playing at the highest level. He was one of the most dynamic characters the NBA has ever seen and alongside co-host Mike Botticelo, his “No Chill Podcast” gives you all things sports. Arenas is often joined by top high school recruits, professional athletes, actors and comedians.

“The Walk-Ons Pod”

“The Walk-Ons Pod” features two friends talking about sports. Hosted by YouTube influencer Jeremy Jones and Arkansas Razorback men’s basketball team trainer ClayCunningham. The duo discusses the NBA and college basketball, and they also interact with fans and answer questions left in the comments or on Instagram.

“The PJF Podcast”

If you want to take your fitness and your sports performance to the next level, this is the podcast for you. Paul J. Fabritz is an NBA performance specialist, and a strength and conditioning trainer. In his podcast, he is dedicated to decoding elite sports performances and fitness. In almost every episode, he teams up with different trainers and athletes to give tips on how to workout and what stuff to work on. He also has a YouTube channel called PJFPerformance with videos of him working out and training different athletes.

“All The Smoke”

The podcast pairs two of the toughest and controversial players of their time. Known as intense and fiery competitors on the court, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are now respected voices by today’s NBA stars. Mentors throughout the league and with firsthand experience, understand the issues some NBA players face today. In the podcast, they also interview NBA stars, legends and rappers.


Out of all the podcasts listed in this article, this one would be my favorite. The podcast is a weekly discussion between NFL greats Brandon Marshall, ChadJohnson, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder. During the podcast, there is no filter while they’re expressing themselves on the importance of the issues and topics they cover. They also have a separate show within the podcast called “IAM Woman,” where they bring in women to talk about different issues and topics. Every week, the show grows in subscribers due to the panelists, their comments and what they share about life.



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