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6 tips to cure writer's block

By Gabriele Eubanks

Copy Editor

Homework has a tendency to pile up. Papers might be due back to back, and the stack of those assignments can be intimidating. Even thinking about the amount of work you have due might be overwhelming. In order to get everything done, you need a game-plan. Here are six easy ways to get a paper done as quickly as you can.

1. Read your syllabus

An easy way to begin preparing is to read your syllabus. The syllabus lists the due date of the paper on it, and if you know this early enough, you can make time to plan and prepare your paper.

2. Do your research

If you have all your sources laid out beforehand, it's much easier to use the quotes and statistics that you need for your paper. It also forms a clearer picture in your mind of how to organize your paper.

3. Outline for days

Visualizing your paper is essential for writing and keeping a clear pattern of thought throughout your paper. Both Google Docs and Microsoft Word provide templates for outlines that are easy to fill in and follow.

4. Go for a walk

Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end can be tiring. Plus, too much exposure can dull you to the words you should be writing. Going for a walk can clear your mind and give your brain a break. After, you’ll be able to revisit your paper with a fresh brain and new motivation.

5. Honest Review

If you’ve finished your draft and you’re unsure whether it’s ready to submit, ask an honest friend to read it through. Having a fresh pair of eyes on your writing can expose things you didn’t notice.

6. Make Time

If you look at your syllabus, you know when the paper is due. Use your time wisely and set aside portions of your day to just write. If you try to rush writing your paper, it will clearly show that writing it was not a priority.



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