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7 Must-Buy Merch from the Campus Store

By James Saxinger

Staff Writer

Are you feeling the school spirit? Do you want your everyday items to shout, "Hey! I go to RU!" in a big and bold fashion? Well, we've got recommendations for seven top items at the RU Campus Store, located in the RAC across from the Student Center.

1. Tumblers

What better way to have your cup of Kibo coffee in the morning than having it in a temperature-controlled, washable tumbler? Not only can it keep your cup of joe warm throughout the day, but it can also keep your cold brews from becoming lukewarm ewws.

2. Hoodies/Jackets

Ah yes, the perfect outfit for any occasion. Whether it’s for your comfort in the chilly Michigan weather, or just for late night study sessions, these items are essential for the true college experience.

3. Sweatshirt Blankets

Or if a shirt isn’t your jam, here is another option for you. With the sweatshirt blankets, you can do as you please. You get the benefits of a sweatshirt with the coziness of a blanket. You can even share the gift of warmth with a friend as well.

4. Playing Cards

These are my personal favorite items here. Whenever you have some downtime and you want to hang out with friends, these are lots of fun. They are a perfect travel size. I love the attention to detail that every card in the set has the RU logo on it.

5. Hats

Fresh out of the box, these hats are great for any day. They also don’t mess up your hair as much as beanies would. More importantly, though, they come in a cool colors that are seriously awesome! Check them out!

6. Sport-Tech windbreakers

Ok, so these jackets are (as of this writing) not in stock yet. However, a confidential source has told me that more have been ordered and are on the way. That’s right, you heard it here first. These lightweight yet sturdy windbreakers are coming back soon.

7. Card Holders/ Lanyards

Last but not least, I think these items are essential to buy. No longer will you have to struggle to get your ID out for swiping in the cafeteria and feel like you are holding up the line. Not only can it get rid of some anxiety, but it is most importantly CHEAP. If you were to only get one item from the store, it would and should be this one.



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