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9 Ways to Tap Into Your Creativity During COVID

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Taylor Vranish

Staff Writer

The current pandemic has many of us staying local and living a slower pace of life. Since you may not be exposed to new ideas or experiences, you may feel as if your creativity is at a low. Here are some ways to stimulate your creativity--even while staying close to home. 

Pick up some paints

Art is for anyone and everyone and art is never wrong. Have you ever seen a piece of art and thought: “Wow, I wish I could do that?” Well, maybe you can and you just don’t know because you haven’t tried.” Painting is a great way to express your feelings without actually having to speak them and a lot of us have heavy feelings and emotions right now living through a time like this. Visit Blick Art Materials and grab some paint and canvas. Local Blick stores are in Royal Oak and Detroit, and both have student discounts.

Take photos and explore editing them on Adobe Creative Cloud

With today's technology, even if you don’t have a camera you can take amazing high quality photos on your iPhone! For those who don’t know, Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of creative applications on your computer designed for people interested in art. They have a special right now for students and teachers. You can save 60% and get two free months when you pay up front. You can also do a free test trial. 

Visit the DIA in Downtown Detroit 

The Detroit Institute of Art is a beautiful museum located right in downtown Detroit and entry is free to residents of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties. Reserve  tickets online to avoid waiting in line and explore an epic art museum. 

Research Local Pop-Up Art Shows 

Type in “Detroit Art Shows” in Google and see all the amazing local art shows that are coming up. Take a friend and visit some awesome places like the Detroit Artist Market or The RoadShow on Gratiot.

Pick up a Sketchpad and Pencil

Grab a sketchpad at Blick Art Materials and just draw. Put a timer on your phone for 15-30 minutes and see what your mind can come up with. 

Listen to New Music and Dance

Create a free Spotify or Pandora account and explore thousands of different genres of musicians OR ask your friends what their favorite album is and check it out. Turn up the music and dance in your room. Dancing and listening to new music are awesome ways to stay creative and active. 


Pick up a journal from the dollar store and write down your thoughts, goals or a short story. Journaling is a way to tap into your mind’s creativity.

Explore Pinterest for New Ideas 

Create a free Pinterest account and type in “art.” You can explore thousands of pages of different artists and even create your own Pinterest board so that you can save things that inspire you. This will be your very own “Mood Board.” 

Watch inspiring films that you’ve never seen before

Google topics such as “Award Winning Movies” or “Best Slice Of Life Movies.” Explore the lists that come up and watch movies that you have never seen before. Exposing yourself to new movies is a great way to visualize new ideas and perspectives.

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