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Bear the cold with these 5 things to keep you warm!

By Emily Carroll

Staff Writer

The harsh winter weather can sometimes be unbearable during these few months after Christmas. Try using these five essentials to keep you warm throughout Michigan's freezing seasons.

1. Layers

From thermals to scarves and fuzzy socks, wear it all! The more layers you have, the warmer you will be. Wearing a coat on top of a sweater, or leggings under sweatpants, you name it, you layer it!

2. Warm Food

It is not hard to crave a nice warm meal when it is cold outside. Cooking up some

homemade chicken noodle soup or cracking open a Campbells of whatever will keep you

feeling warm inside.

3. Warm Drinks

Cozy up with some hot cocoa, tea or coffee. Try not to go too crazy with the caffeine! Drinking a warm beverage will help you stay warm inside and out.

4. Hand Warmers

Microwavable or not keep some handy! When you’re busy building a snowman, skiing or walking to class, your hands might get a little cold amid the winter fun, so keep some nearby

and you won’t regret it.

5. Keep moving

The best way to warm your body up is to keep it moving. Walk, run, exercise or try out a new sport to get that blood flowing. This is why cardio is called ”warming up!”

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