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'Behind Her Eyes' Netflix series review

By Chloe Bachman

Digital Media Editor

“Behind Her Eyes” is a six-episode Netflix series that will leave the viewer with as many questions as answers. This series seems like a typical love story gone sour due to an affair, but ends up having a huge plot twist in the last few episodes.

Trio Triangle

The series features three main characters Louise (Simona Brown), Adele (Eve Hewson) and David (Tom Bateman). In the first episode, Louise ends up meeting David at a bar, and they make a connection fairly quickly. But the next day, they discover that David is Louise’s new boss who is married to Adele. The story first takes a turn when Adel befriends Louise, while Louise is having an affair with her husband.

Throughout the show, there are flashbacks of Adele’s life and how she ended up with David. This is important because it all comes together in episodes 5 and 6. All of the flashbacks come together in perfect harmony.

Dream Drawbacks

This show was hard to follow at times since it explores the idea of dreams. In some scenes, it was difficult to figure out what was a dream and what was not.

Twists Keep You Watching

This show keeps the viewer captivated by using flashbacks and dreams to add to the basic storyline we think we all know. “Behind Her Eyes” ends up not being your standard love affair show, but rather takes a turn into the world of science fiction. This turn is foreshadowed throughout the whole series without the viewer even realizing it until episodes 4-6.

Production and filming

The show is filmed from many different points of view to give the viewer some perspective while watching. The filming keeps the viewer engaged throughout the whole series. The way the show is produced also gives hints to what the plot twist might be. I enjoyed this because it kept things subtle and hard to predict.

Overall, this show packs so much information in the six episodes that there still are things that do not get answered at the end. The series will leave the viewer wanting more. I give “Behind Her Eyes” a 10/10.



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