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How Oakland County can help RU students succeed

Updated: Feb 29

By Danielle Castillo

Digital Editor

Oakland80 is an initiative by Oakland County that seeks to provide resources, support and promote post-secondary education to people who live, work and attend school in Oakland County 

Zooming In

Concerning RU, the organization’s goal is to provide holistic support services to help students overcome barriers that prevent them from graduating. 

Jason Chapman, Oakland80 career and education navigator, said the needs of each person vary. However, in the past, Oakland80 has helped students with finances, grants, transportation, books and supplies, technology, career counseling and help to get internships, apprenticeships, or better jobs. 

Chapman said Oakland80 has resources and partnerships throughout metro Detroit, so it can braid together many different services from across the state to help individuals succeed.

“It’s a historic time in education,” Chapman said. “I’ve seen so many resources allocated to the success of local students.” He continued Oakland County is special because nowhere else in the country can students request aid in this way, not just for scholarships and education, but also for assistance when barriers arise.

Who qualifies?

These resources are available to anyone who demonstrates need, lives, works, or attends school in Oakland County can apply.  Chapman said this criteria expands from people experiencing housing insecurity, those seeking a job or better employment, and more. 

Students can visit the Oakland80 website to learn more. Or connect with Chapman directly, he is on campus Thursdays in the RUAC lobby during chapel and after chapel in the Student Center. Additionally, they can reach him via email at, to discuss options that fit their needs.



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