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Campus ministry changes chapel regulations due to pandemic

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

by Jake Feldman

News and Opinions Editor

In a year of cancelations and events gone virtual, Rochester University is following suit by making Chapel, or "Community Life and Worship," virtually streamed for fall 2020.

Though there are no traditional face- to-face meetings, Campus Ministry will still create a worship experience and opportunity that is adapted to the way the world works in the midst of a pandemic, "While we will not be meeting in the auditorium for in-person gatherings, Campus Ministry will still be featuring Chapel programming online," said Evan Green, director of intercultural and spiritual life.

Chapel will take place through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for the fall 2020 semester. It is widely known that Zoom calls, live streams and the virtual alternatives to face-to-face communication are not always the easiest to engage with, but Green said he does not expect this speed bump to keep the spirit of God from reaching students and moving on campus.

This news led to the popular student appeal, ‘What about my chapel points?’

Students will still have opportunities to go above and beyond through departmental chapels, service learning, worship nights and more. In addition, each student will receive 25 points toward their 175 point Community Life and Worship graduation requirement. Green continues to encourage students to participate in the virtual chapel programming saying, "This semester you can expect dynamic speakers weighing on themes of lament, justice, hope and peace. Gifted singers, songwriters and worship leaders will be featured during the Friday Chapel times as well. I’d like to encourage and invite you all to watch, like, comment and share the videos."

In addition to these changes, the time slot where chapel had previously taken place has also been moved back by 20 minutes to become more accessible to students. Be sure to tune into chapel via social media each Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 11:20 a.m. and keep a close eye on your Rochester University email for upcoming Campus Ministry events and service-learning opportunities.



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