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Campus moves reflect RU growth

Updated: Mar 21

By Emily Carroll

Publications Team Leader

The opening of a new building on campus created a large campus move this summer. Here's info about all the new spaces.

Dignitaries from Rochester, Rochester Hills and Auburn Hills joined the RU community in commemorating the opening of the RU Alumni Center on Thursday, Sept. 14. | Alyxander LaBranche

RU Alumni Center

The RUAC, formerly the facility for the Rochester Church of Christ, opened this fall and a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Sept. 14 to commemorate the opening. The building is the home of the School of Business and Technology, the Van Duyn Financial Planning Program and the School of Education. Rebekah Pinchback, dean of the School of Business and Technology, said, “We launched several new programs in the last two years and are experiencing tremendous growth… We had a 9 percent increase in the School of Business and Technology from last fall to this fall.”

Campus Store & Mailroom

The campus store and mail room are now housed in the Richardson Academic Center on the main level. which is a more central location on campus than its previous home in Gallaher Center. If you are interested in getting some RU gear or have a package that needs to be picked up, this is your place to visit. Jennifer Pagac manages the RU Campus Store and mailroom. “The store is so nice! I really want this cute bag I’ve had my eye on, and Ms. Pagac is so friendly to go see!” said junior Hannah Farnsworth.

Gallaher Center

Gallaher Center West is the new space for the Department of Mass Communication and Shield Media. Moving from the basement of Alma Gatewood Hall to Gallaher has been a great addition to the program, which benefits Shield students. Olivia Pannecouk, senior mass communication major, said, “The new spaces have been great for Shield and I can’t wait to personalize them even more to our liking!” Gallaher East is now the home of the Development and Alumni Relations.

Alma Gatewood

The old Shield headquarters have been updated to accommodate the Department of Theater and Music with new office spaces. The program continues to use the Alt Theater in Westside Central and the RU Theater in the Richardson Academic Center.

New window graphics were placed on the west-facing living room window of the White House.

The White House

The White House, home to coaches' offices, was renovated. Improvements include fresh paint; new carpet, lighting, living room furniture and coffee/water station; and new faux wood flooring in the entryway. Coaches and athletes are enjoying the new space. “We have already had meetings with Coach Juliana [Gutknecht] and we are all excited about having her on campus,” said senior volleyball player Olivia Francis.

Campus Center & Muirhead

Admissions and Enrollment Services and the Marketing and Communication offices are located on the second floor of the Campus Center. The advising and early college programs are now located in Muirhead.

Take a walk through our growing campus to visit these new and improved spaces!



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