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Dean of School of Education Announces Retirement Plans

By Olivia King

Online Editor

After 16 years at Rochester University, Dr. Mel Blohm, dean of the School of Education, has officially announced his plans to retire at the end of the fall 2022 semester.

Blohm started his journey at RU as an adjunct professor for four years before becoming the director of the School of Education, which he has managed for the past 12 years.

“I taught Math for Elementary Teachers I and II, Literacy in Secondary Schools, the math portion of Math and Science for Elementary Teachers and supervised student teachers and Student Teaching Seminars,” Blohm said.

As the field of education continues to develop and grow, RU has taken steps to expand its K-12 education classes and create new opportunities for future educators.

“During the time I have been at RU, the School of Education received final approval from the Michigan Department of Education and we added new programs in Learning Disabilities, English as a Second Language, Secondary Integrated Science and minors in Reading and Psychology. This coming October we will have a virtual onsite review for national accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Programs,” Blohm said.

Retirement is always bittersweet, but the decision brings forward the opportunity to look back at positive memories and experiences while still looking forward to future opportunities. Blohm shared his memories of success and growth in the education field both inside and outside of RU.

“While working in K-12 education, I had the opportunity to open a new school — design, staffing, books, desks, etc. At RU, it would be when we received full program approval by MDE and then looking forward to national accreditation of the Teacher Education Program,” Blohm said.

RU is a unique institution that combines faith, vocation and career-focused education. Blohm shed light on his personal, spiritual and academic growth during his career highlighting the positive atmosphere.

“Working at RU allowed me the opportunity to achieve my goal to teach/work at the university level teaching and working with future teachers. The spiritual atmosphere and positive environment at RU has made going to work each day a pleasure. I do feel blessed for the time that I've been at RU,” Blohm said.

Blohm’s educational experience is vast, and he gave some advice for future educators.

“Student teaching can be overwhelming, but the reward of having your own classroom the following year is amazing. This is a great time to be entering the career of teaching!” he said.

Blohm plans on spending his retirement visiting family in Michigan and traveling to

Bucharest, Romania, to visit his son and family who teach there.



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