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Five Backpack Essentials Every College Student Needs to Be Successful

By Amelia Calkin

Content Director: Magazine

Most college students use a backpack to carry their stuff around campus, and besides their books, they have a lot of items in their bags. Here are five things that every college student needs in their backpacks:

A planner

It’s important to keep assignment due dates, exam dates and other important information together and written down somewhere. A planner is perfect for that because most have a full calendar view and then week-by-week pages after that for more in-depth notes.

Folders or binders

Most professors hand out papers during the semester, even if it’s just the syllabus, it’s important to keep the papers together and organized. I prefer folders over binders to save space in my backpack and I often get the ones with prongs in them in case I need them.

Gum and snacks

I always keep snacks in my backpack for days when I have back-to-back classes, especially when I can’t make it back to my dorm in between classes. Gum is also helpful because it’s known to help with focus during class or an exam.


Having at least one notebook for classes is a good thing to have because some people prefer to take notes on paper and not on their computers. I have one in my backpack in case I need a piece of paper.

Personal care items

Items such as hand sanitizer, tissues and small bandages are good to have on hand for any situation in which you may need them. The items vary by person but I think personal care items are important to keep in your backpack.



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