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Five local, all-inclusive restaurants offering dishes for customers with dietary restrictions

By Olivia King

Staff Writer

Restaurants in the Macomb, Troy and Rochester areas are expanding their menus to include meals for customers with food sensitivities, allergies, dietary restrictions or chronic illnesses that limit dining experiences.

The five restaurants below create a take-out or dining experience that can leave sensitive customers feeling safe and satisfied with their meals.

Clean Juice

With locations in Rochester and Troy, this restaurant offers smoothies, juices, salads, wraps, avocado toast and acai bowls.

• Smoothies are made with almond milk for dairy-free costumers • Juices are made fresh every day with natural flavor enhancers like dates, ginger, turmeric and carrots

• Salad dressings are dairy-free and gluten-free

• Only cold brew coffee is offered since it is easier to digest

• Gluten-free bread and wraps are available for request

First Watch

Located in Troy on Big Beaver Road, First Watch offers breakfast and brunch items with a healthy mindset used to create each meal.

• eggs can be substituted for egg whites or fruit

• gluten-free bread and granola can be ordered upon request

• the “healthy” section of the menu offers dishes with lower sugar, whole grains and lots of greens

• smoothies and their “superfood bowls” give customers a boost of energy naturally

Beyond Juice

With locations throughout Metro Detroit, Beyond Juice is known for its smoothies, but it also offers salads, sandwiches, granola bars and even includes a kids menu. • mention a food allergy or sensitivity and the workers will sanitize the blenders, using a special process that eliminates the risk of cross-contamination

• smoothies are made with no sugar and natural ingredients

• vegan cookies, granola bars and snacks are available

• sandwiches, salads and bowls can be custom ordered

Renee’s Gourmet Pizza

Located in Troy on Maple Road, Renee’s is entirely gluten-free with no “typical food” allowed or served on the premises.

• gluten-free pizza, both deep dish or thin crust, is available

• gluten-free pasta, breadsticks, chicken tenders and calzones are available

• gluten-free cakes and cookies are sold for dessert

• vegan cheese bread, pizza, and mac and cheese are available for a small extra charge

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Located off of Hall Road in Macomb, BJ’s has a few dishes that are specifically gluten-free but also offer gluten-free substitutions upon request

• gluten-free noodles can be substituted for all pasta dishes

• soba noodles are used in two dishes under the “enlightened menu” • rice bowls are popular on the menu

• famous for their “pzookies” desserts, Bj’s offers a gluten-free cookie for customers with a sweet tooth

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