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Five must have Christmas cookies to add to your platter

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

By Amelia Calkin

Christmas is right around the corner meaning it’s almost time to begin a popular Christmas tradition: baking cookies. Here are five types of cookies to have for the holiday season with recipes linked:

Whether in the form of a house or a person, this classic cookie is a must have on your cookie list this year. Adding fun decorations to these cookies make them an enjoyable experience.

These soft and chewy cookies are perfect for decorating! You can cut out different shapes like Christmas trees, candy canes, stars or plain circles. The fun part is adding icing and sprinkles to give them a personal touch!

Crunchy on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside. These cookies are quick and easy to serve for everyone to enjoy.

These bite-sized cookies have four basic ingredients and often include a nut of your choice, then roll them in powdered sugar. They get their name from their look; round balls covered in powdered sugar, making them the perfect winter cookie!

These peppermint flavored cookies are light, airy and crunchy. They remind you of eating a candy cane during the holiday season! Add an extra touch to them by adding chocolate chips into the batter, separate the batter in half and add red food coloring to swirl them, dip the finished cookies in chocolate or add sprinkles to decorate.



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