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Track & field team holds successful fundraiser

By Noah Peterson

Multimedia Editor

Rochester University’s track and field team held an online fundraising session from Jan. 16-23, and the team raised a total of $14,264 from 223 donors.

The team was introduced to Fundraiser University, a fundraising company that focuses on helping team organizations and high school sports teams raise money quickly and efficiently, on Jan. 10. The FundraisingU coach instructed the team to go through their contacts and list 30 people who they believe will help support the track and field program.

On Jan. 16, the team held a virtual session where athletes texted their contacts. Each text provided a link to an app where donors could enter their payment method and amount of their donation. In addition, they held a phone call session to help reach out to those who didn’t respond to their text messages.

After a one-hour period, the team managed to raise $8,834 on the first night. Throughout the week, the students continued reaching out to their contacts, and more donations poured in.

The funds will help the team obtain new equipment and provide transportation and food for when the team is on the road for both this season and next.



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