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Get to know me: pet edition

by Brad Miller

Features Editor

Having a pet has many health benefits from increasing exercise and helping manage loneliness and depression. During this pandemic, pets have supported many people through this rough period in their lives.

Many people don’t realize it, but they may name their pet something that reflects their personality. It makes sense too! Most owners of a dog, cat, etc., would consider them part of the family, so it only makes sense if their name ended up representing that.

Coolwhip. Owned by Max Kuznia, Junior, Sports Management, Royal Oak, MI

“Coolwhip got his name because his cat family abandoned him as a kitten in our yard. I think that the name Coolwhip does reflect his upbringing. When he was a kitten, he loved to explore. He loved to explore so much that his middle name is ‘Indiana’ after Indiana Jones. Coolwhip’s name reflects upon my family because it’s a reminder of how we care for others regardless of circumstances.”

Precious. Owned by Kaydee Cooper, Junior, Woodruff, SC

“Precious was already named when we adopted her, and we didn’t change it because she was an 11-years-old dog. She has a spoiled princess like personality, so her name only fits when she wants to be sweet, but if she wants to be more entitled in a moment, she can and will. Otherwise, she’s a great all-around great companion and dog. Her name doesn’t reflect anything about me since I did not name her; however, there are moments when I can tell that if she were a person, we would have similar personalities.”

Audrey. Owned by Sean Foulkes, Head Track and Field/XC Coach, Clinton Twp., MI

“My dog’s name is Audrey. My wife and I came up with the name on our way home with her from the animal rescue shelter; we joked that we were hungry, and my wife said, “feed me Seymour” (from the little shop of horrors musical character named Audrey that was a giant man-eating plant from space). So I responded, are you hungry, Audrey, and she popped her head up from the back seat in-between us and that’s how she got the name. It perfectly reflects her personality because she would eat us out of house and home if she could and is much like a house plant that likes to lay in the sunlight all day. She’s one of us for sure.”

Dakota. Owned by Lynzie Kirkendall, Freshman, Marysville, MI

“We named her Dakota because that has always been a name I liked, and we call her Kota Bear for short because she acts like a bear. Her nickname describes her personality because she is aggressive with her toys as well as Dakota is a more unique name. She is a unique dog because she is a very small German shepherd. Dakota’s name reflects my personality because I love a more unique name, and not many dogs are named Dakota.”

Tanner. Owned by Brian Petty, Residence Director, Detroit, MI

“His name is Tanner because his previous owner named him that. I think Tanner’s name reflects his personality; Tanner is a chill name but can also have a fun personality. When I think of Tanner, I associate him with a full house and their last name being ‘Tanner.’ Danny Tanner is the chill father, but yet he is playful. I also think his name does reflect my personality. I think it reveals that I am a person who prefers real and authentic things, meaning most pets have a ‘pet’ name, but Tanner does not. Tanner is a human name."

Benton. Owned by Madison Sparks, Senior, Business Management, Oxford, MI

“Benton is from Benton, Kentucky. That’s how I came up with his name. I don’t feel like his name reflects his personality, but it is a unique name and he’s a unique dog."

Louie. Owned by Patti Glenn, Cheerleading Coach East Lansing, MI,

“My cat’s name is Louie aka Lou Butt aka Lou. I got Louie when he was about 1.5 yrs old from a co-worker. Louie is the name she gave him, so I kept it. I've never given much thought if his name fit him because that was always his name. However, this prompted me to look up what the characteristics of Louies are, and I found 'someone who is full of life, uplifting, inspiring, and even charming. You are the life of the party with your lively, intelligent, and witty personality. Others will find you as strikingly attractive and like being the center of attention.' Yep, that's my Lou!! Unlike most cats that run and hide when company comes over, he is the center of attention. He has to visit with everyone. He is definitely charming in his ways. You can't be mad at him when he does things to get in trouble because his personality is so cute. When someone comes to the house, he immediately goes belly up at their feet. He is a very handsome cat, if I do say so myself. Many friends call him my cat-dog as he knows my schedule and is in the window waiting for me to come home. He runs to the door when I come in. He sleeps at my side. In fact, he is at my side all the time. When I take a bath, he sits on the side of the tub. When I get ready in the morning, he sits in the bathroom window. He is usually within two feet of me at all times. He definitely is my buddy and definitely the center of my attention. He is spoiled for sure. I'm not sure what his name reveals about my personality since he was already named unless it's the fact that I'm a person that feels if it's not broken, why fix it."

Finn. Owned by Leah Freiberg, Sophomore, Pre-Med, Oxford, MI

“My dog’s name is Finnegan Dean (Finn). When I was little, my grandmother would read me the story of Huckleberry Finn, and I thought the name Finn was cute, so I extended it and came up with Finnegan. Huckleberry Finn did some not great things in the book, but he did right in the end. He was a good friend, and Finnegan is the best companion.”

Lola. Owned by Sarah Liford, Junior, Education, Oxford, MI

“Lola is my dog I am not exactly sure how Jarrett and I came up with her name. I guess that was the only name me and Jarrett could agree on. Lola can be calm, fun, and loving, but she can also be crazy and sometimes salty. I think Lola’s name reveals Lots of Love because she enjoys being around people.”

Piper McLean. Owned by Elliot Jones, Director of Marketing and Communication, Shelby Township, MI

“Piper McLean is a 7-month-old Cockapoo and a “Pandemic Puppy. In an “all boy” house; my two sons and I, my wife said, 'We are getting a girl, and her name will be Piper.' My boys have read the entire Percy Jackson series, so they said her full name must be: Piper McLean Jones. Her name reflects her personality because she is full of energy, loves kids, and I’d say, we as a family like to be adventurous.”

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