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Live Like Nathan

by Emily Carroll

Nathan Farnsworth

Where the journey began

My best friend’s brother, a term you might hear in a song or a movie script, was a reality for me last year. I had fallen in love with one of my best friends’ brothers, Nathan Farnsworth. 

Once Nathan and I connected, he quickly became my best friend, and just as quickly, I realized he was the love of my life. Nathan brings out the best in me and will change my life forever. He is perfect in my eyes. We never argued and always laughed. 

Nathan was effortlessly good at everything he did. He excelled in school, mastered any sport and perfected every recipe he tried. He beat me at any video game, every sport and put me to shame in a 21-1 loss in a game of corn hole. So, I kept him on my team ever since. 

Heart of gold

Nathan wasn’t only good at everything, but he was also good to people. He put others before himself, and he loved doing it. Most importantly, he loved Jesus. His faith is what inspires me every day.

Nathan passed away on Nov. 14, 2023, after a year-long battle with a rare stage four cancer called Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor sarcoma. Nathan’s fight was one done with immense grace and peace. There was never a day that went by where he worried about what would happen. 

Legacy of faith

Despite going through intense chemotherapy and medication for a rare and aggressive cancer, Nathan would say that it is his trust in Jesus and knowing he is in control that brought him so much comfort through his battle.

He would always pray for him and me. He encouraged me to trust in God and to remember that God has a plan for everyone and that it will all make sense one day, even if it doesn’t make sense right now. Being with him as he went to be with Jesus was a very surreal experience. There are things that I felt and saw that I can’t explain. 

I am comforted knowing that Nathan is in heaven with no cancer and a full head of hair that he loved so much. I feel heartbroken, missing the man I love, yet I am so blessed to have had his impact on my life. He showed me what true love was, through his care for me and everyone he knew, despite being the one who needed care the most. 

His faithful legacy is what keeps me going every day. His words of comfort during his own battle help me as I now experience life without him. To live like Nathan is to love like Jesus;

Making a difference

To live like Nathan is to trust the Lord with faith instead of fear. His legacy will live forever in my heart, and I hope Nathan’s story inspires others to love and live faithfully. 

His family has created a Facebook page called “Something’s Wrong In North Branch” to bring awareness to the disease that has taken so many young lives. Visit the page to learn more about how his community is trying to make a difference. 



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