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Mail in ballots: Fraud or nah?

By Gabby Eubanks

Associate Editor

The 2020 election year has been complicated in many ways due to the current pandemic. With the ‘stay home’ order here in Michigan and all the precautions that have been and are being taken to keep us safe, the concerns of voting accessibility have been raised in many connotations. Many people have concerns about social distancing at poll booths and to have no other option than in-person voting makes it very difficult for people who are high-risk to practice their right to vote safely. Many people also have concerns for the opposite viewpoint and are worried about potential voter fraud through the postal service.

Being in a swing state such as Michigan, there have been many contradictory opinions, oftentimes given as facts, that can create a misconception about mail-in voting. Though there may be fear of voter fraud, the fact remains that mail-in voting is not proven to be an unsafe method of voting and should be utilized if possible in light of the times we live in. An article by says “As we have written, there is no evidence to support the claim that ‘mailed ballots are corrupt.’” meaning that voter fraud should not be any more of a concern for mail-in ballots then it is for in-person voting.

Because of the serious concerns that come with being in a pandemic, the state of Michigan should also cater to high-risk voters and give equal access to voting as is their right as an American citizen. Making voting by mail equally available as in-person voting should be a priority to all states in order to give everyone ample opportunity to vote in the upcoming election and any election in the future.



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