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Suggestions to improve your mask fashion

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

by Jillian Wanner

Social Media Manager

It can be annoying wearing a mask, and honestly they are not that cute. For men and women, I have made some suggestions that will help you improve your everyday outfit by wearing a stylist mask while also staying safe.

1. Vogue Mask

1. An easy way to start is the Vogue Caraa mask, a five-pack assortment that costs $25. This is a great way to buy many different colors so that you can pair them with different outfits.

2. Target Masks

2. Target has masks for men, women and children for $14.99. Though there aren't a lot of sports happening this year, even with the few games we have, you can still support your favorite team by buying a team mask.

3. Skims Masks

3. Celebrity and fashion icon Kim Kardashian has released an amazing new nude face mask. So if you are one of those people who do not want a flashy mask or do not have a mask that is the right color, nude masks are the way to go!

4-The last one is the Dippin’ Daisy face mask. After going through plain colors, sports and nudes, we can have some fun! Sometimes you have to add a little twist to your look and you can do that by just a little switch of the mask!



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