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Masks on or off?

by Samuel Forthofer

Staff Writer

The year is 2020, life as we know it has changed. We no longer greet people with firm handshakes or hug our loved ones, we stay six feet apart and wave. Many of us don’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary while some brave souls have started to return to life as normal. With the return to normality, comes going out to dinner every once and awhile. It’s crazy that something that used to be so common can now be an area of stress. The thing that most people worry about while at their favorite restaurant has changed from what to order to ‘when should I wear my mask?’

The CDC recommends that if you are going to eat out, the best thing to do is wear your mask whenever you aren’t eating or drinking. This will help you reduce the chance of exposing yourself to the virus although it is also recommended that you get take out or have your food delivered to you.

If you would rather take the risk than take off and put your mask back on there is another option. According to Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike, diners should put their masks back on as servers approach their table.

"The waitstaff all has to wear face coverings. When waitstaff come to your table, put your face covering on as well. They are wearing their face covering to protect the patrons and as patrons we should do the same and give them the same courtesy. Let's do what's right and protect ourselves and protect others." Ezike said in a recent interview with NBC Chicago.

So if you are tired of eating at home or just need a night out, remember to check for your phone, wallet, keys, and masks. Let’s be courteous to our servers and do our best to limit our exposures or your dinner time adventure could turn into a hospital getaway.



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