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Movies to watch over your holiday break

by Hayley McQuade

Design Lead

As the holiday season arrives, why not kick back, relax and watch a new film. Here are a list of entertaining movies that might make you cry.

If you are like me and only have cable, you have options such as YouTube and your local library. youtube and getting a copy from your local library.


DVD Library

Without giving too much away, "1917" is not your typical war movie. The film takes a different approach to cinematography by carrying about as though every scene was taken in one shot. Different factors had to be accounted for such as weather conditions for filming, music to enhance scene changes (due to not having cuts) and different camera equipment and transitions. It is definitely intriguing to watch to gain a perspective on film-making techniques even if you are not into war time films. I highly recommend this film just for the perspective of how it was shot.

"The Place Beyond the Pines"

DVD Library

Going into this movie I did not know what to expect. From the few clips I saw I thought I would totally dislike Ryan Gosling’s role. *Spoiler read the next sentence at your own risk* I ended up missing his character when he died. He made this film so enjoyable that it was such a drag when he left. Anyways, if you are into movies about growth and having future generations facing the consequences of their parents actions, this is the film to watch.

"4 Minute Mile"

YouTube free movie

"4 Minute Mile" is a typical inspirational sport movie. An athletic boy doesn’t have a father figure, has a lonely mom, bad brother and a coach who sees potential in him. As cheesy as it sounds, the acting was quite decent and the story line wasn’t horrible. It could have been a bit longer of a movie to extend certain scenes. The main character arch was really captivating. Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a short inspirational movie.


"Cruella" is a classic film, great to watch with your friends and family. Emma Roberts acting was spot on (no pun intended), and she fit Cruella’s role perfectly. The movie was very intriguing with a fashion rivalry at the center of it. As a person who hasn’t remembered much about Cruella, I was able to enjoy this movie without feeling like I missed out on anything. If you are interested in a mystery, villain/revenge type of movie, "Cruella" is for you.

"Escape Room Tournament of the Champions"

Although this movie is the sequel to Escape Room, it can be watched as a standalone. It also includes a recap of the first film in the introduction, in case you want to know what happened leading up to the sequel. The movie is filled with escape room puzzles that are played by a series of different characters, but not all of the characters get to go on to the next round. In this survival thriller, the main characters fight to stay alive while also trying to crack an intelligence organization to help save others. The third movie will be coming out in 2022.



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