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Need a gift for your sweetie? 5 Valentine's Day gift ideas

by Breana Crum

Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick, and you may be frantically searching for ideas on what to get your significant other for the special day. Here are a few ideas that will benefit you!

1. Basket of goodies

a brown woven basket sits inthe right half of the photo. its filled with clear wrap and gifts.

You can start off by buying something they could wear, like a Nike sweatshirt or joggers. Second, buy something that you can do together, like Legos. Then you buy something useful for them, such as a portable charger or a new cup. After that you can get something sweet, like their favorite candy. Finally, add in a handwritten note.

2. Something they’ve been wanting for a while

hands hold a small red gift box out to the camera

The best thing about Valentine’s Day is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you don’t want to. If your partner has been asking for an Apple Watch and you think it’s the perfect gift, then buy it for them. However, Valentine’s Day isn’t about buying expensive things; it's more about the little things.

3. Candy/Chocolate

Multipule chocolate bites fill the photo. some are covered in nuts and others are drizzled in chocolate or carmel

Since Valentine’s Day isn’t about expensive gifts, you can get them chocolate-covered strawberries and put them in a box and put a handwritten letter. You can also put some of their favorite candies in there.

4. Couple's Coupons

different craft supplies fill the photo. crayons spill over a water color pallet and markers and color pencils fill the right hand side of the photo

For this, you will need to break out the construction paper and some creativity. You can write anything you want on these, there’s no right or wrong thing you can write. This is a gift that you don’t need to spend money on and it will mean a lot.

5. Flowers

multicolor flowers fill the bottom left corner popping against the stark black background

If you are looking for something cheap that means so much, get them flowers and write a handwritten letter. This will make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.



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