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Noteworthy Hiking Destinations for RU Students

By Jake Feldman

Content Lead

Here at Rochester University, there are many good places to take a study break and enjoy being outdoors, especially during the fall season. Here are some of the best places that are within thirty minutes of campus and will fulfill your desire to get away:

1. Yates Park:

Just a ten-minute drive from campus, Yates Park takes you into the woods. There are plenty of trails to hike on that overlook the Clinton River, a dense and beautiful forest full of changing leaves, and Yates Cider Mill, where you can stop for a great snack of cider and donuts after the hike. With a mixture of dirt trails, stone trails, and a few paved trails, Yates has something for every level of experience and exploration. It is worth the short trip down Avon Road.

2. Stoney Creek Metropark:

If you are up for a beautiful drive on the way to your hike, Stoney Creek is the place for you. Stoney Creek is located between Shelby Township and Washington Township, which puts it right on the brink of Metro-Detroit and the beginning of the thumb region. It boasts a beautiful lake, rustic trails, and a paved circle trail around the park perimeter. Stoney Creek also has a workout trail where you can test your skills as you hike. It is worth the admission price of $10 a car.

3. Rochester Municipal Park:

This beautiful park is within walking distance of campus and is where the Clinton River Trail meets the Paint Creek Trail. This park has a duck pond, rapids, and a river to hike around and experience a nice change of scenery. It is also in close proximity to downtown Rochester. There are also great spots to take a break and set up a hammock while on your walk. It is great for anyone who wants to get away while being close by.

4. Pontiac Lake Recreation Area

If you are looking for a great view on your hike, this is a great place to check out. Pontiac Lake is in the valley of very large hills, and there is a beautiful trail that summits the largest hill and it overlooks an island on the lake and a beautiful forest to the side of the hill. It is a great place to stop and hammock, enjoy the fall colors, and see people having a great day at the lake. Pontiac Lake Recreation Area is a beautiful excursion!

5. Lake St. Clair Metropark:

If you are willing to take an adventure, Lake St. Clair Metropark is the perfect destination. The park features beautiful scenic hiking trails, a fantastic lake view, but its best feature is a boardwalk that takes you out on the water through the beautiful St. Clair Flats. It will give you the feeling of getting away while being only 30 minutes away from campus.



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