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Omicron Omega Zeta enjoys year despite pandemic constraints

By Chloe Bachman

Digital Director

Fast Facts

Omicron Omega Zeta is the only sorority at Rochester University, and despite the impact of COVID-19 on many social groups, the number of members has doubled within the last year.

In the 2020-21 academic year, Omicron was able to have a rush week, pledge week, events, retreats and bi-weekly meetings while maintaining COVID-19 guidelines.

Rush Week attracts members

Rush Week events are geared to attract students who might be interested in pledging Omicron. Events are structured to allow visitors to get to know current members and to learn more about what is involved in being a part of the club.

Tessa Gage, junior sports management major, said, “I chose to join Omicron this year because I attended a Rush Week event last minute and was blown away by the ladies' dedication to make the world a better place and kindness towards others. Not to mention we had a ton of fun!”

Layla Cypher, Lena Rawli, Taylor Isenberg, Emily Levine and Madison Sparks strike a tough pose before a kickball game.

Omicron started the first day of Rush Week with a kickball game, which featured Omicron Omega Zeta v. Epsilon Theta Chi, the fraternity on campus. After the game, students were able to get a free hotdog from the Motor City Dogs food truck that was brought on campus. There was a large turnout and Epsilon Theta Chi took home the trophy. Omicron is hoping that the kickball game tradition will continue for many years during future Rush Weeks.

The next main event for Rush Week was a Glow Night Party, which included dancing, outdoor games and food. About 100 people attended the party, which was one of the largest events hosted by Omicron Omega Zeta and RU's Community Programming Board, especially during the pandemic. The Glow Party featured different lights, dancing, outdoor games and craft activities.

The last night of Rush Week was themed around the TV show "Friends" and was only for those interested in pledging to Omicron. The night included photos, snacks and get-to-know-you games, so members could learn more about visitors.

Rush Week for 2021 is taking place from October 4 through October 7.

New members inducted during Pledge Week

Bid Night kicked off Pledge Week for Greek-life organizations on campus. This year’s Bid Night theme was “NASCAR." Pledges were able to get an overview of what the week would entail, play games, eat dessert and start the pledge process. Pledges and members could get ice cream from a local food truck and have fun with their friends.

The 2020 pledge class takes a photo after completing one of their Pledge Week tasks.

At the end of the Pledge Week, if the pledges successfully completed their tasks they were initiated into Omicron Omega Zeta. The tasks are confidential and the only people who know about them are the current members, pledges, alumni and select Rochester University staff members to ensure that safety is maintained throughout the week.

Pledge week for this Fall starts with Bid Night on October 24 then the pledge process is October 25 through October 29.

Omicron takes a trip

Omicron held a retreat at Michigan Christian Youth Camp in Attica, MI. The board members planned team bonding events so the bonds between the women could be strengthened. In Omicron Omega Zeta, God is kept at the center of the club. On this three-day trip, the women drew closer to one another and to God.

Omicron members making memories on the retreat in the Michigan Christian Youth Camp dorms.
Anna Stadnika, freshmen elementary education major and a 2020 pledge, said, "I always had trouble connecting with girls and I was looking for a community that I could truly be myself. I found that in joining Omicron."

Why join Omicron?

Omicron Omega Zeta has done amazing things for its members and gave students a group of people they know they can always count on. Omicron’s members come from all walks of life, which is a positive aspect of the club. The members are able to learn from each other and from life experiences, but they all are bonded in Christ.

Lauren Hope, a senior secondary education major, said, “Omicron has been more to me than I ever thought it would be: it isn't basic, petty or anything you may have heard about sororities in the past. It’s about love, faith and family and has given me another home at Rochester University. So if you’re saying 'I’m not the sorority kind of girl,' I suggest you reconsider!”

Rachel Bliss, former president of Omicron and a senior elementary education major, encourages students to join a club in this video:

Omicron accepts every girl who may want to join the sorority, and promises women on campus with a place they will belong. You can find more information about Omicron Omega Zeta on Instagram @omicronomegazetaru, or click here.



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