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Omicron seeks to "create sisterhood" during Rush Week

Omicron hosts a brunch during Rush Week.

by Gabriella Barczys

Omicron Omega Zeta, a sorority at Rochester University, hosted several events during Rush Week in late September to entice students to join their club.

“Rush Week was such a fun way to meet students who are interested in Greek life,” said Layla Cypher, senior mass communication major and president of Omicron Omega Zeta. “We had a great time at the events for Omicron, and I was really happy with how it went! Omicron is all about creating a sisterhood in Christ. I am very excited to begin the initiation process and welcome in our new sisters.”

Omicron hosted several events during Rush Week, including a movie night, brunch with sisters, making friendship bracelets, sidewalk chalk affirmations and yard games. The brunch included making mimosas from cranberry, orange and pineapple juices.

Autumn Gesink,a sophomore accounting major and member of the club, said she enjoyed the events. “I got to know lots of the sisters well and the activities were a good bonding experience.”

Three clubs at Rochester University participated in Rush Week, which was held Sept. 25-29.

“Rush Week is a crazy, fun-filled week where potential new members get to feel the love and joy that Omicron brings its members, said Grazia Russo, a junior elementary education major and vice president of the club. “I have felt truly surrounded by the love of God through my sisters.”



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