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Q&A freshman bowling player with Caroline Martinez

Caroline Martinez at Media Day

By Hannah Traczynski

Staff Writer

What are you looking forward to this year?

“I’m looking forward to bowling with my friends. They have become my new family. Like I said earlier, I have already had some time to get to know some of the team. I’m excited just to get close with the rest of the team and to do the best we can in the conference together this year.”

Why are you passionate about bowling?

“I think it’s because I’ve been bowling since I was a little kid, like a really little kid, and it was one of the things my dad and I bonded over. I like making my dad proud when he sees me succeeding at something he also enjoys to do.“

Why did you choose Rochester University?

“It was the only school that offered me a scholarship for bowling. Coach Craig Woodham let me go to practice and bond with the team, it really made me feel at home. What also sold me was the campus. I mean, come on, it’s stunning, and seems so cozy and safe.“

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