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Q&A with Marketing Director Elliot Jones

By Christian Frazier

Sports Editor

Elliot Jones oversee’s Rochester University’s Marketing & Communication department, which is the steward of the RU brand identity and manages the content of the University’s official print publications, main website and social media channels. Jones and his team ensure that institutional messaging is delivered in a clear and engaging manner that is appropriate and compelling for each audience.

What's the most rewarding part of your job?

“I used to say the most rewarding aspect of my job was seeing students graduate. The longer I have been at RU the more I realize the most rewarding part is watching graduates succeed after graduation.”

Describe how your job has changed in the midst of the pandemic.

“I am writing this in my home office as I listen to my two boys wrap up their online school day. I have been remote nearly all semester. On occasion, I come to campus in the evenings or on the weekend to do work. One big switch in the spring was the move to video. Between April 1 and Aug. 31, we published over 65 videos to YouTube. These included orientation videos, campus visit videos, faculty introductions, staff introductions, and general how-to videos.”

Who has influenced you most in your life?

“The most significant influences on my life have been my parents. Their dedication to God’s work and serving others has been a blessing to my life.”

What values motivate you the most?

“Integrity and kindness. One of my favorite wall plaques states: “Work hard and be nice to people.’ “

What do you do to have fun or de-stress?

“I enjoy house projects; this is my stress reliever. My wife and I purposely bought a house that has not been touched since the late 1960s.”

What's been the biggest challenge in your life?

“One of the biggest challenges we faced as a family was when our youngest son was

diagnosed with a rare bleeding disorder (Hemophilia Severe A) at 8 months. It was a challenging and often frustrating first few years of life as we learned to manage his bleeding disorder and the cost that accompanied it. Now 11 years later and with new technologies, he is doing great. I currently serve as a board director for the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan, finding ways to raise awareness and quality of life for those living with bleeding disorders.”

What is your favorite family vacation?

“My favorite family vacation is anywhere with my two boys and wife. We typically end up in Traverse or Boyne City. Although we have made a long list of places, we are going once the pandemic is over. We have Washington D.C. and Hawaii top of the list.”

What is a random fun fact about you?

“I worked on a honey bee farm the summer between my junior and senior year at RU.”

What single piece of advice would you give students today?

“My advice for students is to find a mentor. Specifically, find someone in the field you are interested in. Are there ways you can help them as you learn from them?”



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