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Q&A with Michelle Gruinyard

By Trenton Fagan

Multimedia Lead

Q: Where did you come from Prior to Rochester University, and how did you find out about RU?

A: I am originally from Detroit, but I moved to Grand Rapids to go to Grand Valley State University. I ended up loving Grand Rapids and loving the area so I stayed over there and ended up working at Calvin University in Residents Life for 6 years and Academic Counseling for a year. I really started to miss my family and all of them so I decided to move back and while I was searching around in higher education, I had always known about Rochester even back when it was called Rochester College. I have had some family and friends who either attended here or have gone here so I have always kind of known of it. I looked into the website and looked if any positions were open.

Q: What are you looking for while you are here at Rochester University?

A: I have grown to value Christian values in the workplace and two being at a small tight school institution. I just see so much value that comes from knowing the people you work with and having this common thread that ties all of our work together and I find that really beautiful. I didn’t even know Rochester University was a Christian institution until I got here, so that was one thing that made me want to come here.

Q: What is one thing you would like to change or be a part of?

A: I don't think there is anything I want to change yet because I am so new and I am learning about everything. One of the things that I want to be a part of more is that it is absolutely important for me to know people and to be known around campus. I am looking forward to those types of relationships while I am here. That includes everyone, not just everyone I work with in the Center for Student Life, but behind that on campus.



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