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Q&A With Professor Steenbergh

By Isabela Placencia

Staff Writer

Professor Natalie Steenbergh is an adjunct professor at Rochester University. She has taught Compisition A, Compisition B, writing workshops, various literature courses and will teach ENG 4413 ST01 Diverse Verses in Contemporary Literature in the spring 2024. She has taught at RU for three years and has previously taught at Oakland Community College and has guest lectured at Eastern Michigan University.

Steenbergh approaches writing from a different perspective than most. She said nobody is a naturally good writerr, she too struggled in graduate school, and writing is a skill that takes time to develop and enjoy.

She attended Bethany Christian, a small private Christian School. Everything seemingly fell into place when Zac Watson, head of the english department at RU, offered her a teaching position after she finished her thesis. ,

Steenbergh is proud of teaching the literature courses she created. In the future, she hopes to create a course about true crime literature by famous authors. She enjoyed writing about gender theory in victorian literature, since she majored in victorian literature and post-humanism.

A piece of advise she gave to students is to read and practice writing since people of all levels struggle with it. She said templates go a long way in helping students find their voice, Templates give insight into common writing patterns used in fiction and nonfiction. Steenbergh said, "Oh and reading helps too!"

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