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'Resident Evil 4' Game Review: A classic remade perfectly

By Christian DeBruyn

Staff Writer

"Resident Evil 4," released in 2023, is a remake of the classic, fan-adored original released in 2005. With the success of the remake of the second game in the series, Resident Evil 2, released in 2019, it only made sense for Capcom to continue onward.

The "Resident Evil 3" remake would then be released the following year with a less-than-favorable reception from fans. The announcement of the "Resident Evil 4" remake also came with doubt.

Many "Resident Evil" fans consider the fourth to be the best in the series. The setting, well-paced story, tense action and memorable characters make it the perfect "Resident Evil" game for many.

So the big question remains, does it hold up after playing the game all the way through?

Yes. "Resident Evil 4" has become one of my favorite remakes of all time. I have played nearly every "Resident Evil" game, and this one, undoubtedly, holds up to its successor.

Just as "Resident Evil 2 and 3," the fourth installment is remade from the ground up. We take control of special agent Leon S. Kennedy in the search for the president's missing daughter in a rural village in Spain. As we travel through the rustic farmhouses, medieval castles, and a military base, we stab, shoot and explode through hordes of parasite-infected zombie-like people.

The graphics of the game are impeccable. Who knew video game hair could look so real? The RE Engine has never failed to deliver a horrifyingly beautiful experience. The remake holds up the pacing of the action and storyline, keeping an excellent balance between them. Capcom improved upon the mechanics from the 2005 release and added to it.

You can look forward to an improved crafting system, new weapons and more things to do in this remake. Leon gets more tools of destruction, and so do the Ganandos, with new types of infected to work around.

Overall, this is a game experience for people who have and haven't played "Resident Evil." As of writing this, I have played through the game fully three separate times. Of all the video games this year, I recommend "Resident Evil 4: Remake" over the competition.



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