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RU now offering three master's programs

Photo by Brian Craig

By Alyxander LaBranche

Staff Writer

Rochester University has added two master's degree to its existing master's degree in missional leadership: Master of Arts degrees in clinical psychology and sport leadership after approval from accrediting bodies

In a Q&A session early this semester, coordinators of the programs gave presentations providing introductions and summaries about their programs.

Masters of Religious Education in Missional Leadership

Dr. Mark Love and Dr. Natalie Magnusson are the directors of the MRE program. It is based on ministerial leadership and students can learn through:

  • Situated learning based in a ministry context

  • Cohort learning for ]community

  • Collaborative group learning

  • Intensive experience

  • Learning through experience

  • Reflection and articulation

The MRE is a two-year, 36-hour program with 24 hours online and 12 hours face-to-face in various locations, including Portland, Oregon; Indianapolis, Indiana; and San Francisco, California.

"Your congregation is not just a place where you dump your theology, but it is a place where you do your theology because we think God is at work in the circumstances of your congregation," Love said.

The program features a diverse student base: 36% of students are people of color and 20% are women. Students are also involved in their local communities with 27% volunteering in churches. After graduating with their MRE, 13% of students go on to doctoral programs.

For more information, email Love at

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

The clinical psychology program is based on the Boulder Model, meaning students will practice while learning. Students will participate in actual practice research and receive hands-on training in clinical work simultaneously. The program also features the cohort learning model, which builds community and cohesiveness.

This program has students compose a thesis and prepares them for the limited licensing exam, which makes them eligible to practice as a limited licensed psychologist in Michigan.

Dr. Brian Stogner, one of the overseers of clinical psychology, said this provides an advantage when choosing to continue on doctoral studies or taking the licensing exam compared to master programs in social work or counseling.

The program includes 42 credit hours of graduate-level courses over six semesters, including one clinical practicum. Students will acquire 500 practicum hours being provided with practical experience. The cohort begins in the fall with six credit hours, nine in summer year one and six in summer year two.

Courses included in the program include:

  • adult psychopathology

  • child psychopathology

  • biological basis of behavior

  • ethical and legal issues in psychological practice

  • psychological assessment

  • research design and methodology

For more information, email Dr. Remylin Bruder at

Master of Arts Degree in Sport Leadership

The sport leadership program is based on a cohort learning model with a final capstone conference. The program is geared toward practical assignments beneficial to students' current or aspired careers, said Dr. Dave Hutson, chair of the Department of Sport Studies.

The program is a 33-credit hour program; the first and second semesters are nine, and there are six hours in the summer. The capstone course will be completed in the final semester and students will assemble a digital academic portfolio that can be readily utilized in the sport industry.

During this program, students will hear from current sport industry leaders, learn how to manage facilities and have the opportunity to tour facilities.

Two intensive experiences are required; they are tied to what the student is learning and experiencing based on successful sport leader theories and themes. The first will be on campus at RU. The second will be off-campus, traveling through the United States to learn what other regions do in the sport industry; the current destination is Houston, Texas.

Hutson said, “There's a big difference between management and leadership” in our undergraduate program. Students have learned to manage sports. In this program, students will learn how to lead sports successfully.

For more information, email Hutson at



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