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RU offers 24/7 health care to students

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

by Jennifer Martlock

Staff Writer

TimelyMD provides 24/7 healthcare and mental health support to Rochester University students at no extra cost.

Students are able to speak with a doctor if they believe that they may be having symptoms of an illness. Students are able to be diagnosed and receive a prescription if needed. Students can also use TalkNow to speak with a mental health professional about problems they may be having such as stress, anxiety and any other issues affecting their mental health. They also provide health screenings for COVID-19. All of these services are no cost to the student.

When asked about why Rochester University is promoting Campus Health, Dean Sharia Hayes said, "As an institution, we are committed to promoting a learning environment that supports our students' educational success. We feel one way of supporting our students' educational success is by providing resources that care for their physical and mental well-being. Campus.Health is a new free resource offered to all of our students that provides them easy access to medical and mental health professionals at all hours of the day. Our hope is that students will utilize this resource as a form of self-care that promotes their own well being as they strive to accomplish their own educational goals at Rochester University."

To get started, visit and click Sign In, using the service key WARRIORS2020 along with a email to register.

Also, text WARRIORS2020 to 474747 to enter for the chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card after creating an account.



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