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RU Seeks to Restart Sigma Phi Delta Nu

By Amelia Calkin

Social Media Assistant

Rochester University is working to bring Sigma Phi Delta Nu, the oldest social club in RU history, back to life by Fall 2022.

Founded in 1978, Sigma Phi Delta Nu is RU’s only all-gender club, which ran until Spring 2019 when it shut down due to a lack of members and pledges.

“Sometimes old things need to die in order for new life to come in,” said Naomi Walters, associate professor and chair of the Department of Theology and Ministry said. Walters is a leading sponsor for the renewal effort and an SPDN alum.

Walters said she hopes the uniqueness and positivity of an all-gender club, along with the overall need for events and activities with others, will draw people to join.

The club’s values include seeking justice through service, unity in diversity as an all-gender club, living in community by building relationships and finding joy in spending time with others, Walters said.

In the past, the club would host volunteer events with its non-profit partner, Micah 6, social events like volleyball nights, game nights and bonfires, and participate in other schoolwide events such as intramurals and “Celebration.”

Now, coming out of the pandemic, SPDN is looking for students to be members and help bring the club back to life again. Currently, Walters, SPDN alum and other sponsors are hosting multiple social events, including game nights, bonfires and volleyball nights to engage people and get more people interested in the club.

When the fall semester starts, students who join will become full members and will help plan pledge week and rush week, with the help of alumni and other club sponsors. Students who are interested in joining must have a 2.0 GPA and cannot be in another social club.

Students who are interested in being a re-founding member can fill out an application until April 14 and find a link to the application in the Weekly Warrior until Thursday. For more information about the renewal effort, contact Walters at



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