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SNL skit: Candidates into caricatures

by Chloe Bachman

Associate Editor

"Saturday Night Live" has been known for being able to make a joke out of just about every single situation. When it comes to the Presidential and Vice Presidential debate episodes they not only insulted the debate itself but also managed to reference pop culture.

In SNL’s episode, “First Debate Cold Open” the debate is monitored by Chris Wallace who is played by Beck Bennett, Alec Baldwin portrays Donald Trump, and Jim Carrey plays Joe Biden. This was Carrey’s debut as Joe Biden and he did an outstanding job. Carrey was able to mock Biden for being forgetful and keeping his anger in check during the debate.

The first topic of the debate was about the Supreme Court. The rules are simple in which both candidates are able to have two minutes to discuss a topic. Baldwin imitates President Trump and says “I’m gonna do 10. I would like to begin with a list of complaints.” Baldwin then goes on as President Trump saying everything has been mean to him such as Biden, Chris Wallace, the economy, and COVID-19. Baldwin then proceeds to say that China is mean because of COVID-19 being a hoax. Then makes a comment about how the statement will not come back later to haunt him in the week. SNL then makes fun of the fact that President Trump avoided answering what questions were asked and discusses other topics instead.

Carrey proceeds to make fun of Biden by saying his inner thoughts out loud because during the debate that is what it seemed like. He also manages to lose his temper but then tries to cover it up and fails at doing so.

In the Vice Presidential episode, Susan Page is played by Kate McKinnon. Maya Rudolph plays Senator Kamala Harris. Vice President Mike Pence is portrayed by Beck Bennet. Rudolph shows viewers how Kamala Harris does not hide her facial expressions, so everyone knows what she is thinking. McKinnon then asks Bennet how President Trump’s health is; thinking it is out of concern Bennet thanks her for asking. Turns out that she was asking him out of anger, in hopes that he is not doing well. Bennet then shares how much medication Trump has been taking to cure his COVID-19 diagnosis, and how President Trump believes in medicine.

Saturday Night Live does a great job of representing both sides of the debate and not favoring a certain political side. This makes it fun for every viewer to watch.



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