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Snow storm wreaks havoc across Texas

Semis lined up in Killeen, Texas.

By Jake Feldman

News and Opinions Editor

Everyone loves snow days, but enough is enough in Texas. Massive snowfall that took place from Michigan to Texas have hit the Lone Star state particularly hard. For the first time in recent history, snowfall was recorded even in Mexico.

Here in Michigan, cities saw as much as 16 inches of snow in the lower Peninsula, including 11 inches across Metro-Detroit. The City of Rochester Hills issued a snow emergency for Tuesday, Feb. 16, due to the storm of the year.

In terms of destruction, Michigan had an easy snow day, but places where snow is more rare took a massive hit. In Fort Worth, Texas, there was a 100+ car pile-up accident on an icy bridge that left 133 cars damaged and six people dead.

In the chilling video of the accident, many cars attempted to stop but ice on a bridge overpass took control out of their hands. The worst of the accident was a FedEx truck slamming into the pile of cars and totalling almost every vehicle involved.

Aside from the accident, many in Texas were left without power and water for several days. Since Texas is normally a warm climate, the residents there have less ability to fight the conditions, which has created a massive issue down South. The snow emergency was labeled as a traveling polar vortex, which is a large area of low pressure and cold air surrounding both of the Earth’s poles, according to The vortex stretched across the entire Midwest and the Eastern seaboard.

With spring approaching, it is the hope of many that the worst of winter is behind us and warm weather is on the horizon.



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