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The heart that keeps on giving

by Hayley McQuade

Creative Director

February is filled with xoxo’s, sweets and valentines. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or wanting to spread love and kindness, here are some gift ideas that people will know are from the heart.


Sweetheart Candy

Enjoy these classic heart-shaped candies that are sweet and tart. Each piece has a cute valentine’s message written on it.


Cookies are good for any season. Check your local grocery store for these heart-shaped goodies, or you can make some at home with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Chocolate heart-sprinkled pretzels

Chocolate-covered pretzels are usually a fan favorite! These are easy to make at home with pretzels, chocolate and heart-shaped sprinkles.


Glass candles

Heart-shaped glass candles are classy and cute. Since the glass is see-through, you can tell when your candle is almost done, and reuse the glass to make a DIY candle.

Ceramic candles

These heart-shaped ceramic candles have neutral colors that can be displayed all year round.

Bare candles

These bare candles from Etsy are very cute and come in a variety of hearts, flowers and bears. Bare candles are great for those that are eco-friendly and live a waste-free lifestyle.


Leather earrings

These leather earrings are from Etsy and come in many different colored sparkles, that can match any outfit.

Beaded earrings

These beaded earrings are also very cute, these ones from Etsy come in different designs and colors!

Resin Earrings

These resin earrings are clean-cut and pretty. In addition to earrings, Etsy also sells customized resin dog tags; so you and your furry friend can match.



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