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Theta Chi offers fun activities for prospects during Rush Week

by Luke Chapman

Epsilon Theta Chi, a fraternity at Rochester University, put together its annual Rush Week on Sept. 25-29, to help people who are interested in joining a social club get to know the current members better.

Currently, 10 people are members of Theta Chi, but that group plans to get larger in the coming weeks as it invites people who signed up into the club.

“Rush Week is important for recruiting potential pledgees into the club, said Brandon Sutcliffe, Theta Chi event coordinator and junior behavioral science major.

The club hosted several events during Rush Week:

  • Volleyball night, in which the Theta Chi participated with the two other Greek Life clubs on campus, Omicron Omega Zeta and Sigma Phi Delta Nu.

  • Ultimate Frisbee.

  • Karaoke at Round 1 in Auburn Hills.

  • A video game night, which included "Jackbox" and "Super Smash Bros."

  • Campfire hangout.

"Helping plan and lead this Rush Week has meant a lot to me, as I have been able to help show the campus and potential applicants to the club what our club does and what it is actually about," said Nate Lightstein, president of the fraternity and senior psychology major. "It allowed us to help reshape the view people have on the club, and bring more positive awareness to it, and I’m excited to continue doing this throughout the school year and to welcome the applicants we received this week into the club.”

Each event at Rush Week was planned so that they would bring people together and encourage conversation.

Kei-Mon Williams, a junior theatre major, attended several of the Theta Chi Rush Week events, and he said, “I like how it is a brotherhood, everyone is so close, and they treat each other with Christ-like respect.”

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