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Top spots for quality time at Rochester University

Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or teacher, you may find yourself wondering where you should spend your time on campus. In no particular order, these are some of the top spots that I recommend checking out at Rochester University.

Spot #1 — The Atrium

If you’re looking for an upbeat place to study, eat or just hang out, the atrium is a good spot to check out. The natural lighting offers an open and outdoorsy feel year round and the room doesn’t tend to get too loud or overcrowded. The atrium is especially convenient for commuter students as it has an accessible microwave, a small café, and comfy couches where you can relax and rejuvenate in the midst of your busy day.

Photo credit: Sydney Davis

Spot #2 — Lake Norcentra Park

Located at the north side of campus is Lake Norcentra Park. This spot offers a calm environment to study, exercise or simply get some fresh air. It is breathtaking in each season, but I highly recommend taking a walk on the path as the leaves are changing color.

Photo Credit: Sydney Davis

Spot #3 — Clinton River Trail

This spot is technically not part of Rochester University’s campus, but it is a noteworthy location only a brief walk away. When venturing just beyond Lake Norcentra Park, you will find yourself on the Clinton River Trail. This is a 16-mile unpaved trail perfect for running, walking or biking through the trees.

Photo Credit: Sydney Davis

Spot #4 — The Library

Equipped with private study rooms, free printing, and shelves and shelves of books, the library is an essential part of the college experience. Rochester University senior Veronica Moore said, “What I enjoy most about the library are the different options of places to study. The library offers tables for when you need to meet with a group of students, rooms for when you need personal space, and then personal desks that are in a quiet area that are my favorite for doing homework. The library staff is very helpful when needed too!”

Photo Credit: Sydney Davis

Spot #5 — The Chill

The Chill, located between the ACE Lab and auditorium classrooms, is a convenient spot to do homework, eat or just chill. Rochester University student Ashley Brown said, “It’s a nice place to have productive group study sessions but still quiet enough to study alone.”

Photo Credit: Sydney Davis

Spot #6 — The Science Hallway

Located upstairs in the HAM building between the library hallway and science lab classrooms is a little corner spot with a couch and two armchairs. This spot is fairly secluded and frequently overlooked by many students. It’s the perfect place to study alone or hang out with a group of friends. The best part about this spot is that you can be as quiet or as loud as you need to be— this hallway is almost always empty.

Photo Credit: Sydney Davis



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