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Trouble navigating college and career prospects? RU's Center for Advising can help

Katie Kilpatrick, Debi Rutledge, Teri Butcher and Luke Beach. Photo by Georgii Reshotka

By Sofia Di Noto

Staff Writer

Composed of a team of experienced advisers, the Center for Advising and Career Services helps support students throughout their time at RU.

The CACS provides academic and vocational guidance to new and continuing students as they move through their education at RU. This includes working with students to establish an educational plan, define career goals, understand vocational aspirations, and connect them to co-curricular opportunities to enhance their education and prepare them for life beyond the university experience.

Debi Rutledge, director of academic support and retention, said in an email, “Our role is to help students navigate the complexities of college life, to find their path, and to ultimately help them launch into a career that they're passionate about."

In addition to advising currant students, the staff maintains the university’s online postings for internships and full and part-time employment opportunities, offers two annual Virtual Career Interview Series, and hosts employers several times throughout the academic year offering full-time employment.

Luke Beach, accelerated learning adviser and career support specialist, said: "We provide a lot of support to students, from helping them navigate their degree audits to preparing for job interviews. Our goal is to help students build their confidence, so they feel empowered to take on whatever comes their way."

By helping students navigate their schedules, understand their degree audits and operate their student portals, the CACS provides students with the tools they need to succeed academically. It also helps students better understand their career interests and make informed decisions about their future.

Katie Kilpatrick, senior academic adviser and accelerated learning specialist, said: "We help students find a major that is the right fit for them, based on their skills and career aspirations. By doing so, we help them set a path for success beyond their time at RU."

In addition, the advisers helps students build and polish their resumes and LinkedIn profiles as well as navigate job and internship search engines. They also maintain the RU Connects Employment and Internship site, while also building relationships with businesses that lead to opportunities for RU students.

The center is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and is located in the RAC building. Students can email or call (248) 218-2000 for more information.



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