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Upgrades to RU: Improvements appreciated

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

From Michigan Christian College to Rochester College to now Rochester University, changes have been common for our campus. In addition to the name changes, other changes over the past few years are noticeable and appreciated.

The Garth Pleasant Arena.

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The idea of a new arena was a rumor whispered throughout the campus community for many, many years, but as of 2017, this rumor was finally put to rest. The $5.3 million arena has brought a much-needed home for the men’s basketball, women’s basketball and women’s volleyball teams. The arena is a location that brings the community together as well for commencement and other festive occasions.

Lake Norcentra

Lake Norcentra has turned from what was a gooey-green lake filled with who knows what into a beautiful paradise for everyone to sit by and enjoy. Head down to Lake Norcentra and enjoy the beautiful views, hammocks near the lake, and wildlife, or cozy up to the firepit.


Our parking lots and roads, better known as pothole city for several years, were finally repaired. During summer 2019, crews replaced and poured totally new surface areas for the campus. Boy, am I glad! Now I can drive in a Rochester University parking lot and not be worried about my tires being damaged.

It’s nice to see Rochester University upgrading our campus one piece at a time. These are only three upgrades to RU, but hopefully many more will be coming.

From Michigan Christian to Rochester College and now Rochester University, rising together and standing apart.



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