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Photo Gallery: Warriors take on MSU

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

On Nov. 2, the Rochester University Warriors traveled to East Lansing for the Michigan State open. The Warriors entered 11 wrestlers and came home with 12 wins. Additionally, Jerrod Mullins and Austin Wolford placed fifth at their respective weight classes.

This tournament marked a lot of firsts for the Warriors including Wesley Maskill’s coaching debut. Maskill, an alumnus of Michigan State spoke to the team briefly on the eve of the tournament and said “we’ve been waiting all summer for this, our time is finally here.”

Jerrod Mullins wrestled at 174 lbs while Austin Wolford wrestled at 157 lbs respectively, Mullins had a record of 3-2 on the day while Wolford went 5- 2.

Other wrestlers who won include: Hunter Baker, Garrett Kopp, and Colin Panoff.

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